Local apprenticeships offered by Carcraft

The leading used car supermarket in the UK, Carcraft, are offering two more apprenticeships at their West Midlands branch for local recruits. Youth unemployment is continuing to soar throughout the UK and over 1m in the 16-24 age group are struggling to find work, and Carcraft are offering a welcome hand to locals.

Their latest recruits are Jay Evans and Jamie Cooper, two 18 year olds from Tiptop. They join Luke Simms, 20, at the West Midlands  Service Centre situated in Wednesbury.

Their scheme provides on the job training for local youths, enabling the recruits to earn as they learn. Jay and Jamie are in a 3 year apprenticeship which will see them earn an NVQ in Motor Vehicle repairs, and also become certified professional technicians.

Several local colleges had approached Antony Clapp, Service Centre manager at West Midlands Carcraft regarding similar schemes. But it was the enthusiasm of Simms – who turned up in person to ask about the potential to be trained – that really got things going.

“It’s something I had been keen on getting off the ground for a while.” explained Clapp. “We wanted to provide an opportunity for young people in the area to get some practical job skills. Luke’s persistence convinced us that he was the ideal candidate to be our first apprentice.”
“All three of our new joiners have proved valuable additions; they’re eager to pick up the skills they need, and keen workers. There’s a huge lack of apprenticeships open to young people right now, when they need them the most. I’m happy about what we’ve achieved here and that we can help local young people start their careers.”

Following the success of this initial scheme Carcraft – the UK’s leading used car supermarket – is rolling it out to other service centres and has reproduced the training scheme at its Leeds branch and taken on a further two apprentices.

Simms who is coming to the end of his training added, “I’ve always been interested in cars and training to become a mechanic had been my plan for a while. It’s great to be able to train and still earn a wage too as supporting myself through a full time course would have been an added pressure.”

Carcraft has 11 showrooms located around the country and its highly trained technicians put all cars through a rigorous 120 point check. This ensures there’s no nasty surprises in store, when you drive away in your new car.