Lloyds TSB and the Telegraph Lighting the Road to 2012

Before the Olympics can get officially underway this summer in August the torch has to make its way up through the country, and Lloyds TSB and the Telegraph have teamed up to take a closer look at some of the torch runners with a special weekly series presented on Fridays called Lighting the Road to 2012.  Presented by Amy Williams a past Olympic gold medal winner, the weekly series kicks off its series by talking to the first Olympic torch runner, Ben Ainslie who is a three time Olympic gold medallist in the sailing competitions.

While you might think that the gold medal matches were pretty fear inspiring, Ainslie actually commented that running the torch through Land’s End was actually one of the most nerve wracking experiences of his life.

As the first person to pick up the torch at Land’s End and take it towards Plymouth, Ainslie stated that he was in fear the entire time that he would trip or stumble, and rightfully so given the large crowds that showed up along the route to watch the torch go by. For those who were unable to get outside with their own British flags and cheer the runners on, the video series is a nice way to get a glimpse of the excitement.

Williams will be on hand for portions of the next 70 days as the 139 torchbearers pass the Olympic torch on as it makes its way towards London.  Altogether the torch will travel a total of 8,000 miles as it winds past Plymouth through Bath and then finally up to Worchester.  According to Williams some stars to look out for as the torch makes its way up towards its final destination include the diving star Leon Taylor and former Olympian Jason Gardner.