Life Lessons to share

Life lessons are a series of videos that can be viewed online which tell the tale of various people and what they are experiencing. In a collaboration between The Guardian and Zurich Insurance, the premise of the videos is simple; we all have outstanding memorable moments during out lives that many of us want to share, and there are also times when we have to deal with defining moments in our lives.

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These little snippets are effectively snap shots of our lives, but in video form as opposed to still images. There are three videos so far in the series, all moving, thought provoking and utterly relatable to. We have seem Sam and Rhanna, a mother and daughter who’s lives are turned upside down due to Sam having MSA and Rhanna having to grow up way before her time to care for her mum.

In another video we meet Blanca and Jasvir, a couple who are worlds apart culturally but who both believe that love can conquer all as they put together their first home. The latest instalment tells the tale of Jen and Oliver, a  couple who were childhood sweethearts and who are now having their first baby. This is a glimpse into the life of a young couple who are both accepting their youth is coming to an end and the next chapter in their lives is that of parents to baby Edith.

Only married a year, we see the couple as they struggle to become mentally prepared for the huge effect their baby is going to have on the whole psychological landscape that is their life. We see them in quiet reflection as they think back to their own childhoods, and they reveal their hopes, dreams and fears for this newest addition to their family. It is an incredibly touching video, and is even more moving with it being reality rather than fiction.