Lead the race for that job with tips from new handbook

There are few things that are quite as frustrating as continued rejection when it comes to job hunting, yet thousands of us go through it every day.

Every job application is sent off with renewed hope and expectation, yet despite never moving away from the phone and willing it to ring, it doesn’t.

Whether you are a graduate or an ex company director, these tough times take no prisoners and numerous professionals are receiving rejection letters on a daily basis.

To put yourself in there with more than just a shouting chance, the easily learnt techniques highlighted in the You’re Hired Total Job Search 2013 handbook can be implemented easily, and will greatly improve the chances of that phone actually ringing.

The book covers all of the important advice on writing a great CV, preparing for job interviews and assessment centres but also includes a professional recruiter’s tips and tricks that set it apart from other books in the job search market. It contains advice on how to search for jobs using professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and up to the minute advice on using the social media including Facebook and Twitter to build new contacts and unearth unadvertised jobs.

Aimed at job hunters at every level, this book is crammed full of smart techniques to help job hunters plan their job search, get short-listed and stand out from the crowd at interviews and assessment centres.

You’re Hired! Total Job Search 2013 is the great new guide for job hunters who want to get up, get out and get hired!