Launch of new approach to help companies increase staff motivation

UK based company JMH Aspirations has launched a range of none  traditional courses providing guidance and tailored advice to businesses that are looking to inspire and motivate their employees to greet challenge and embrace opportunities for business success,  putting them in the forefront of the hoped for realisation of economic and business growth.

During the last few years employers have been placed in a position where, in order to provide efficiencies to survive, they have reluctantly sacrificed employees, many of whom demonstrated constancy and commitment over the years. Remaining employees watch with uncertainty and restraint, actively avoiding risks adding pressure to their day.

In the current climate where caution is the watchword, and economic reports still talk of downturns, and high levels of unemployment employees across all sectors, especially in the previously traditionally safe ‘public sector’ are uncertain of their future. Many are sinking under a workload that has increased as colleagues have moved on and not been replaced. Under such conditions inspiration and innovation becomes stifled, managers concentrate on hitting current targets and aspirations for a bright future steel quietly away.

“Traditional training continues to hold a place for those people who are in roles that are new. The theories and practical application of Management, Customer Service and Administration will continue to be valued. But, for those companies that are aware of these techniques, whose employees continue to deliver excellence in their service to customers something different is now required” explains Judith Marples, Director, JMH Aspirations.

“Using proven techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Change Management JMH Aspirations aim to assist employers to build personal confidence and self-belief, their events and coaching sessions will develop and encourage the use of people’s inner strengths and resources to assist them in taking personal control of their actions to succeed” she adds.

“I commissioned JMH to assist staff within Rotherham Council to reflect and be aware of their knowledge and skills to enable them to plan for their future success. The assistance and support provided was of a high quality and achieved  successful outcomes for everyone” says Patrick Appleyard, Learning and Development Coordinator and Workforce Development ManagerRotherham MDC.