Job losses in Portsmouth after Condor Group closes logistics division

Condor Group, the shipping company, have announced that they are to close their logistics division, resulting in the loss of 110 jobs in the UK, with most of them being in Portsmouth. The firm has blamed their decision on a reduction in the demand for haulage services brought about by the economic downturn.

They have said that workers affected will be able to apply for other roles still within the company, but there would inevitably be some redundancies. 70 jobs will also be lost in the Channel Islands, but the plans will not affect Condor Ferries in any way.

Condor Logistics had operated services between Portsmouth, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Wight and France. The director of the Condor Group, Ken Soar, said they were very aware of the anxiety this decision would cause to those working in the Portsmouth logistics division and they were committed to supporting them through this difficult time.

He added that the Condor Group would be offering redundancy packages to Condor Logistics employees which exceeded statutory requirements, and a range of support services would also be in place.