IT job market may be looking up

There is new evidence that the IT job market recovery seen during the 1st quarter and in the financial sector has continued to grow stronger during the 2nd quarter. The news comes from the hiring index of McGregor Boyall the IT specialist recruiter. The hiring index tracks the amount of vacancies across 16 different organizations in the financial market and in the last report saw an increase in job opportunities during January and February of 2010. Near the end of June, a jump was made by about 255% in vacancy numbers compared to what was reported at the start of the year. Although the statistics were not as dramatic, the contract market also saw job opportunities increase by about 75% when the same time periods were compared suggesting that the budget for IT positions was increasing. Additionally, the report also revealed that more organizations are hiring on a permanent basis instead of on an ongoing basis which was the exact opposite in 2009. Boyall stated that the increase in permanent hiring shows that there is a new found market confidence among many companies in the financial sector. The top jobs in demand are still the same however, with Developers making up a great deal of the vacancies followed by Business Analysts, Risk, Derivatives, and Equities. Despite the positive results, Boyall did offer a small word of caution stating that while it seems as if a steady recovery is on the way, there is still some need for hesitation.