iPhone deals – where to locate them

With the release of the iPhone 4, everyone is out scouring the ads and the internet looking for the best available prices on the Iphone 4.  Unfortunately, instead of finding great iPhone deals, most people are discovering either discounts on the iPhone 3 or standard pricing on the iPhone 4 that makes securing a deal look close to impossible.

However, some clever retailers have discovered ways to offer great mobile phone deals despite the Apple pricing contracts, so if you are clever enough you can use them to save money despite Apple’s best intents.

It is no secret to most within the mobile industry and those that keep up with mobile news that Apple sets a standard price for their new models that retailers are not allowed to undercut.  Thus, even if a retailer wants to offer a discount on the new iPhone 4, contractually they are not allowed to, due to exclusivity contracts that retailers of Apple products must sign.

This can make securing iPhone deals extremely difficult since this essentially seems to cut out all competitiveness between retailers.  However, some smart retailers have read between the lines creating ways for consumers to still make a great deal on the iPhone.

Instead of lowering the price of the iPhone models, or offering iPhone deals as part of weekly sales, retailers, they are instead offering incentives to consumers who choose to purchase their mobiles through them which Apple cannot control.

For example, one electronics shop may offer to throw in a gift card with every iPhone 4 purchase while another shop may offer any consumer that purchases the iPhone 4 a free travel charger, protective mobile case, and car adapter kit in order to entice consumers into their door.

Each of these perks saves a consumer a precious amount of money, or in the case of shops that are offering free items as part of their mobile phone deals, free money essentially if buyers are avid shoppers at the stores with these offers.

Thus, while you may not be able to get a great deal on the iPhone 4 straight from the retailer, you can secure a great deal built around the iPhone 4 that is much better than simply paying Apple  for the model, which secretly by controlling the price of the mobile is what they hope you will do.