HP touch to print app, phone in your photocopies

Tired of waiting in line for your print job to finish, only to find out that they are not even in the print-queue? Or are you simply tired of guessing whether or not your print job went through? HP has a creative solution for this problem with their brand new release of touch-to-print technology. The new technology allows users to simply print any document they want directly from their smartphone by simply tapping it to the printer. The premise behind the new technology is simple, but in busy office places it is sure to be a giant hit.

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In order to use the new technology all users have to do is download the HP touch to print app. Once they have the app installed literally all they have to do is tap their mobile phone or tablet onto the printer in order to process an order. This means instant printing jobs and no more confusion over your place in the queue. It also makes printing the most simple task you will complete all day, and IT support teams everywhere should be happy that they do not have to deal with backed up queues and printer network issues in the future.

The new HP touch to print technology will be available on the HP LaserJetPro 400 colour MFP M475dn, HP LaserJet Pro 400 colour MFP M475dw, HP LaserJet Pro 400 colour MFP M475dw, and HP LaserJet Pro 500 color MFP M570dw. As mentioned, in order to use it all that is needed is a printer and a phone that has the technology to support the app. The rest is networking magic.  The print to touch technology is not the only improvement HP has announced as the company also mentioned new multifunction printers, single function printers, scanners, and more solutions to make digital and paper processes more streamlined.