How to build the ideal work environment in the heart of your home

Our tips towards sensible storage ideas and creating a healthy atmosphere for working from home

The internet has changed the way human beings think and interact. Since its early inception and commercial introduction in the 1990s, it has become a phenomenon which allows people in the most remote locations to connect.

What is more, the internet has transformed the way we work. As messages, articles, films, money and much more can be sent at the click of a button, the speed of the web has drastically shifted our perceptions of the importance of offices.

In 2012, the recent trend for off-shore, out-sourcing and work-at-home freelance employment shows little sign of decreasing. And whilst the office may be a thing of the past for new freelancers, there is still the question of creating that work feel in your house – with home office furniture and neat storage ideas available from companies such as Ryman.

The key to establishing an area in your house which is conducive to productive work is to know your boundaries. Make sure this is a space clearly delineated for work – otherwise you’ll be using it to chill out, play pool, invite all the family – and it will quickly lose its psychological association with working.

Lighting is key, in combination with your key central workstation. Try to maximize natural light as much as possible – so place your desk or table near a window or beneath a skylight if you have one. Be precise with the kind of desk you require – again, this is not just about comfort, it’s about practicality and function.

Consider the height of your desk and chair, the necessity for drawers and of what size – and whether you expect to be producing a lot of clutter on the surface, in which case easy moveable storage trays and tins will be an excellent idea.

Storage is the other essential point to consider when creating your home office. What type of storage do you need? Do you keep paper copies of your work? Do you have a lot of books and box files? Or is it all online or on hard drives? Either way, archive meticulously and remember to leave enough space for all the new material you will be producing in your ultra-efficient work environment….

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