How They Blew It – New Book about catastrophic business failures

How They Blew It is a series of eye-popping tales of entrepreneurs and business leaders going from hero to zero. Full of incredible details, and mind-blowing sums of money, it looks at the characteristics of these leaders and the fine line between success and failure.

How They Blew It is about people – the central human element at the heart of these business catastrophes. It is about what drives them to succeed and then to fail. And how it often ends in tragedy. It isn’t a turgid, forensic examination of the rights and wrongs of
each case, it seeks to get into the minds of the people behind the business calamities and ask ‘Why the hell did they do that?’

The characteristics of successful entrepreneurs include resilience and the ability to learn from failure, and so the aim of How They Blew It is ultimately positive. By examining how business ventures can go so badly wrong, you can learn how to avoid these mistakes
in the first place.

Christopher Foster’s last act was to get into bed with his dead wife Jill. She was dead because he had shot her in the head. As well as his own wife of 21 years, Foster had shot dead his 15 year old daughter, Kirstie, in her bedroom. At 3.10am, he then used his .22 rifle to shoot dead the family’s dog and horses, before setting fire to the stables….
With a look at the flamboyant lives and lifestyles of the people involved, How They Blew It includes the profiles of:

Christopher Foster (Ulva)
Dick Fuld (Lehman Brothers)
Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Yukos)
Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson (Bauger)
Amongst many others!
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