Hiring continues downward, despite government optimism

Recruitment companies warn that employment statistics may be headed toward a double-dip, while government officials say employment will rise steadily until 2015.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation said in a report that permanent and temporary hiring is down to its lowest in a year.  Pay rates for contract and temporary workers fell through September, according to their report based on statistics from over 400 recruitment offices.

Construction workers and engineers saw an increase in demand for their services.  Health care workers, on the other hand, saw their opportunities to get work plummet fast.  The REC Chief Executive further warned that the job market is beginning to flat line.

All the while, reports coming out of the Government seemingly contradict what the REC sees as fact.  The Department for Work and Pensions has stated that the Government is concentrating on support of the private sector and striving to restore the economy.

REC says the Government isn’t doing enough to give employers hiring incentives and directly address stifled job markets like those for under the age of 25.  They say the Government can avoid restricting the job markets by reducing red tape.

The REC and the Government are apparently in disagreement over the hopes for private sector growth.