Group urge government to set up recycling organisation within Whitehall

The Material Security Working Group recently sent a letter to the government stating that they want a new organisation to be formed which is going to coordinate recycling in the country with Whitehall. The group should be called the Office of Resource Management, and it will include many organisations involved in the manufacturing and recycling industry in order to improve recycling conditions in the UK.

Ecosystems around the world are degrading and it is more essential that recycling is focused on in order to maintain the supply of material supplies to businesses. Commodity prices have risen significantly over the past decade as resources become more scarce and it is only expected that material resources are going to become more expensive in the near future.

Recently prices have been fluctuating, which casts doubt on the constant increase of material resource prices, however the trend over the long-term is clearly visible. A survey that has recently been conducted has shown that 80 percent of business executives in the manufacturing industry think that the supply of material resources is a threat to the growth of their companies in the future.

This survey was conducted by EEF, and Gareth Stace is the head of the environment policy at the organisation, he has stated, “The Resource Security Action Plan which was recently created by the government is a good move but it does not fully meet all of the challenges that we are facing. Resources are going to become increasingly difficult to find and more costly and the government need to show that they are prepared to deal with this.

“It is essential that this is pursued, not just for the benefit of the environment, but for the benefit of businesses in the UK and elsewhere. A bolder plan of action needs to be put into place which is going to not just deal with the short-term problems, but the long-term issues.”