Google to open London branch

The search giant Google has recently announced plans that it will be setting up a base in London that will be intended to help new web entrepreneurs start their ventures. The company has said that it wants the location, which will located on the Silicon Roundabout, to be something like its base in California in the United States.

The company has said that there will be many different activities and events going on at the large building on Old Street. It gave examples of workshops for people who are wanting to start their own online ventures as well as having ‘hackathons’ – which are events where programmers meet and compete to complete programming assignments in limited times.

The building is located in the area of London that is known as Tech City and Google commented about the location, “We announced last year that we were going to be involved in the Tech City. Easy London is an area where there are plenty of opportunities for new start up companies and is an area that is ripe for economic expansion.” The investment team of Silicon Roundabout have said, “Google understands the benefits of nurturing new companies and we are delighted to welcome them to the area.”