Google grab

Google recently announced that it has purchased This is Google’s fourth UK purchase within the past year and they paid £37.7m for the privilege. If you have never used, think Compare the Market or Go Compare, but on a smaller scale and without the annoying adverts. The founder John Paleomylites should be very happy with the price he achieved, considering it made a loss of £2m last year.

The other three UK purchases which Google made in 2010 are PlinkArt, Phonetic Arts and Simplifymedia. The move into the market of price comparison is an interesting one for Google. It is envisaged that will continue to run as it is, but its profile will undoubtedly be raised with its tie in with Google. This isn’t the first time John Paleomylites has built up a website from scratch then sold it on. In 2000 he sold JCP for £40m to Sun microsystems.