Free Online Press Release Sites

When you’re a small business, marketing and raising brand awareness is always going to be one of your major goals.  There are many different ways of doing this, but one very good method which is often overlooked, is to use a free online press release website.

Press releases are a powerful tool, and are an essential part of many PR campaigns, They are something we’ve all seen regularly in magazines and on the internet, but most of us have never used one ourselves, so how does it all work? And is it the right thing for you?

Obviously the better the press release that you write, the more chances it has of helping your campaign, so writing a good press release is important.  You’ll need to include keywords throughout your press release – these are words that people search for on the internet when looking up this subject.  Make sure you distribute them throughout the press release, so use one in the headline, one in the first paragraph, and then several throughout the body of the text.  Try not to over stack your press release with keywords you want it to read well, and make sure that your keywords do actually relate to your business or they won’t be helpful in getting you customers.

When you’re writing your press release and are wondering what keywords you should be using, a good place to look is Google’s free keyword tool.  Just put in keywords that you think will be useful, and Google will tell you which of them are regularly searched for, and then suggest other words that may be as or more useful.

There are a number of services online where you can place your press release when you’ve written it.  Some of them are free, and some of them you will have to pay for, but both can help your campaign.  One good UK based site worth looking at is this site is free to use, all you need to do is register, log in, and publish your press release.  Once the people who run the site have approved it, it will go live on the site.

If you’re wondering whether to look at using free press release websites or paid for ones, it’s worth remembering that in some cases, you can get as much exposure on a free site as you would on a paid one, and a number of free PR sites will also help with SEO as well as appearing in places such as Google News.  If you’ve not used online PR before, then consider it now.  As more and more people use the internet daily it becomes a stronger place to campaign.