Flowers still the number one Valentines gift

According to Maris Interiors, an office design company, 20% of employees receive Valentine’s Day gifts at the office. The most popular gifts, flowers (72%) and chocolates (8%) have not changed.

Others gifts received included wine and beauty products (5% each) but there were also some out of the ordinary gifts as well. A crate of seafood arrived on February 14th for one woman. Other uncommon gifts included live goldfish, condoms and a lemon juicer.

Women are twelve times more likely than men to receive gifts in the workplace. Over 70% of those receiving gifts at work said they know the sender, but the seafood gift receiver said she did not know who sent her the gift.

Receiving gifts is a pleasure for everyone, but Michael Howard, Chairmen at Maris Interior’s said it was important not to embarrass employees in front of their boss or colleagues.