First impressions count

Everyone knows that first impressions count, and never more so than when you are going after a new job and you have to stand out in a crowd and make sure that you persona surpasses your qualifications. It is a hirers market at the minute and employers can afford to be choosy as there are so many applicants chasing each vacancy. For those with an impending interview who want to make the best possible first impression there is help at hand.

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The very first time a prospective employer will be aware of you is when you submit your CV, and it is well worth taking time to ensure this is compiled to a professional standard and while it may look fine to you this, for want of a better description, is your first point of sale as thousands of CV’s are ‘binned’ within a few seconds of being read for not getting the right impression across and having silly errors such as grammar or spelling mistakes., one of the UK’s leading job seeking websites has put together an initiative they call The Job Academy. This is aimed at everyone making the best of themselves to secure that dream job. With the help of the great tips and information on their website plus a series of videos, it has never been easier for even the reticent of people to sell themselves on the jobs market.

The first impressions videos are available to view online and it is recommended that every job seeker spend some time to view them. There are tips and techniques here that many of you will not have ever thought of and revolve around 5 young jobseekers as Totaljobs take them on a journey to not only improving their chance of finding a job but also actually secure that job too.