Facebook brings in even more cash

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t really need the money, since his personal fortune is estimated at around $14 billion, but he probably can’t help but make some more now that Goldman Sachs has invested almost half a billion in his company, Facebook.

The news came over the weekend, and all the analysts are analyzing like mad, on the assumption that Facebook will eventually go public, and probably sooner rather than later.  With Goldman Sachs’s investment plus another $1.5 billion they plan to raise from their wealthy clients, plus another $500 million from the Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies, the predictions are that Zuckerberg’s company will have no choice.  There is already a secondary market and Facebook shares are trading in the private exchange, about $40 million worth in November.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly investigating the whole scenario to determine whether Facebook and its investors fall into the regulatory purview of the S.E.C., but either way, Goldman Sachs is in an enviable position as the one to manage the sale of Facebook stock when it does become available on the open market.