European entrepreneurs miserable about outlook

New research reveals that European entrepreneurs are much less optimistic about the economic environment then other regions.
The Standard Chartered Private Bank and the Entrepreneurs Organization published their findings in the Global Entrepreneur Indicator survey in an effort to see where the community stood on issues by identifying the trends and benchmarks of entrepreneurs towards the current economy,
The survey is just one of the efforts by the two organizations in an effort to conduct research projects and exchange knowledge pertaining to the economic community.
The study found that 80% of entrepreneurs believe that the economic environment will either stay the same or improve over the next quarter with about a third of those actually stating they expect to see an improvement over the coming quarter.
Another 63% of those included in the survey felt that there needed to better integration in the education system of entrepreneurship given Europe lags behind its peers globally excluding Asia in this matter.
Over the next year 96% of entrepreneurs in the study felt that they would either hire more employees or at least stay the same although three quarters of the businesses felt they would need to hire more employees.
Although the economy has been predicted to stay stagnant with strong regulations in place, most entrepreneurs included in the survey were positive on the outlook of starting a new business within Europe although they do not feel as if the environment would be open to foreigners looking for start up opportunities.
Each of the respondents included in the survey was a co-founder, founder, controlling shareowner, or owner of a business that grosses over a million every year.