How to enhance business relationships

There is no exact science to building and maintaining relationships with clients, but there is more to it than just producing results with work. Initially a company must build its trust and credibility with the other company and this is done predominantly through honesty and hard work. Clients do not like business partnerships where they are lied to, the level of work that they receive is substandard and their contact within the organisation is hard to get hold of. To overcome these possible hurdles show an interest in the clients business and how they are fairing by keeping up to date with their industry news and if you miss a call or receive an email ensure that they are contacted in a reasonable amount of time.

To enhance the business relationship out of office hours can often be difficult. One means of achieving this is by hosting a corporate event or fun day where either a single or group of clients are entertained at the company’s expense. For large companies the cost will probably not be an issue but for smaller businesses it could be perceived as an additional cost that could be avoided, but this is not always the case and the summer is the perfect time to achieve this.

An example of this is to host a barbecue where yours and your clients employees can get to know each other and interact outside of the constraints of the office. If your company is fortunate enough to have an open space nearby then use this as the location then all that is needed is the cost of invitations, barbecue, food, drinks, some entertainment and possibly pop up gazebos for shelter. In terms of entertainment it depends on what type of industry you are in but can vary from live music to fun sporting activities that involves as many people as possible.

An event of any magnitude can also help develop the brand awareness of a company too and although the purpose of the day is not to showcase the products or services that are on offer, it could be used to highlight aspects of the company that could be of benefit to the client. A corporate event will not guarantee that the client will not put the contract out for tenure when it is due for renewal, but it may make them think twice about whether to do so or not.