Why should you encourage your staff to recycle?

As the world continues to hone in on green issues, the idea of workplace recycling has taken off. It is predicted that as much as 80-90% of all waste produced in the workplace can be recycled (according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA) but a surprising amount is still sent off to landfill.

If you want to promote the eco credentials of your business then you need to find ways to encourage your staff to recycle – but why is it important? And what could you gain from it?

Why recycle at work?

Recycling at work is an obvious way for you to boost the green credentials of your firm and improve efficiency. By positioning yourself as a firm which takes environmental issues seriously, you can endear yourself to a number of clients and customers – not to mention potentially increase your chances of receiving positive press.

Recycling at work also helps to protect our environment and reduce the amount of waste needlessly produced. Eco-friendly attitudes towards recycling have already been adopted by a number of homes () but it is important that businesses join the fight if real progress is to be made.

Additionally, recycling at work can offer businesses numerous rewards and benefits – as outlined below.

What can you gain from recycling at work?

There are numerous benefits available to those who choose to recycle at work. These include:

Discounts: some suppliers and other firms may offer financial discounts or incentives to clients or businesses that show a strong eco-conscious and recycle unused materials. If you recycle through a service offered by your supplier then you may be liable for a discount.

Reputation: choosing to recycle can also boost your firm’s reputation and help build a positive profile within the local, national or international community. This can lead to more business and success in the future and help you positive yourself as a brand that cares.

Satisfaction: one of the most commonly overlooked benefits of recycling at work is the satisfaction it gives you. Knowing that you have done your bit for the environment and that you are not needlessly contributing to landfill can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding in itself.

What recycling options are there for your business?

If the benefits listed above have got you thinking about introducing new recycling practices into your home then there are plenty of options available to you. Traditional recycling bins can be ordered for offices and workplaces, allowing staff to dispose of recyclable waste quickly and easily, but this is far from the only option.

You can also invest in high-tech waste management services which help you to process larger waste items and ensure it is disposed of safely, easily and responsibly.

You can find waste management services with Thetford International and other leading firms and even invest in waste compactors which compress waste destined for landfill in order to ensure it takes up the least amount of room possible – perfect for the environment.