ebusiness booms during the Christmas season

The turnover in e-business during the Christmas season has been phenomenal. This was the top sales recorded for any year in Internet business, mostly thanks to Christmas Day shoppers.

Analysts in the industry were not taken by surprise, since they had already foreseen that at least an equal number of shoppers would flood the online stores as would hit the pavements to shop. One commonality they share is their bargain hunting. VAT is static until January’s hike and sales are rampant.

The sheer number of shoppers online between Christmas Eve and Day rose by over 30%. That explains the punch delivered to the concrete shop.

The two top shopped shops were eBay and Amazon, to no one’s surprise. Of course eBay is the place everyone wants to go to get rid of Christmas gifts that did not live up to their expectations, or to grab a great deal.

However, the high street shops were well trodden by those scouring for the top deals. So Marks & Spencer, as well as Argos, were not so sad this year.

Experian Hitwise, trend analysts, announced that Apple’s iPad was the most sought after gift this season, but the second most was its cousin the iPod Touch. Third place was taken by the Kindle by Amazon.

Whether true or not, advertising is attributed by the experts with generating such enthusiasm about safe, online shopping. Shoppers have been anticipating parallel discounts at the e-Shops that they normally see when pushing and shoving their way into the concrete shops on high street.