Ducati Xerox World Superbike team

Ducati the premier manufacturer of top of the range speed-machines has a long relationship with Xerox, the world’s premier office equipment producer. Their partnership is born out of the need to be the best in all areas of the motorbike world. Ducati are unrivalled in the production of some of the worlds best road bikes, but this incredible skill would be lost if it were not for the essential support provided in the ‘back office’ by the worlds foremost office equipment company.

No matter how good Ducati are at producing super-bikes they need the unrivalled skills of Xerox to make their business run smoothly and efficiently at the sort of speeds that their motorbikes are capable of.

Through this partnership was born the highly regarded and famous Ducati Xerox World Superbike team. After no less than six exciting and successful seasons, this winning combination goes from strength to strength as they move across the world’s circuits thrilling the crowds of superbike fans from every corner of the globe.

Team-work, passion and innovation are the elements that make this unusual partnership such a highly successful one that is the envy of many in the motor-biking world. Ducati look to Xerox to offer the business equipment they require, while Xerox leave the racing to the experts, Ducati.