Dixons and Argos reap the rewards of Comet's closure

Dixons Retail reportedly sold 5 tablets every 5 seconds during the holiday season, mainly due to its chief rival, Comet, going bust. The retailer filled the orders and fulfilled the hunger of the consumers for gadgets old and new.

The last chain of electrical stores in UK, Dixons, said that they had sold over 1 million tablets, including Google’s Nexus and iPads, this was more than three times as much in the same amount of time the previous year. Chief executive, Sebastian James, stated that the weekend prior to Christmas at least five tablets were sold every second.

Home Retail Group’s chief executive, Terry Duddy, declared that Argos had a 50% tablet sale growth over the period of five years, which came to the quarterly sales being extremely strong. Duddy said “Christmas this year was mainly about technology. People were purchasing e-readers, tablets and smartphones like never before.

In the countdown to Christmas Argos was proud to announce their 2.7% increase in sales. Duddy explained that they too benefited from the Comet collapse in December, and also the idea that the supermarkets this year focused on Christmas food. There was also a 25% increase in kitchen appliances for Dixons, since the closing of the Comet stores.

James believes that Dixons was making progress because of the teamwork of its stores and website as shoppers often required help with smart TV’s and understanding their complex capabilities. Gadget makers also offered Dixons products which could help them to compete with their rivals such as Amazon.

James states that after the Christmas rush the sales did decrease as consumers went back to buying simple laptops but it seems as the UK may not be able to keep up the pace with this year’s sales. The UK may have a turnaround, however, in camera sales though with the collapse of Jessops, and digital cameras seeing a resurgence of interest after years in the doldrums thanks to smartphones,