Discrete Ways To Promote Your Business

Whatever your business, you will know that the key to success is getting your message out there, getting your name known and prompting people to give your products or services a try.

However, while marketing is a cornerstone of good business practice, in our increasingly advertising saturated lives, the best and most successful businesses are those that are able to raise the profile of their brand without bombarding their potential clients and customers with pushy promotions.

Being discrete in marketing can pay dividends, helping to imprint your brand and message into the consciousness of the consumer without the risk of offending or overloading them. There are a number of subtle marketing ploys available to the savvy business boss, which can help to improve awareness of what they have to offer without being counterproductive in terms of the way they are perceived by the customer.

Subtle Marketing Strategies

While it is perfectly fine to have a traditional advertising campaign, it can be a great idea for business bosses to back this up by using a selection of more discreet techniques, which will help to firm up the brand message in the mind of potential clients. Good strategies for entrepreneurs wishing to approach their public image from multiple angles include:

Social Media Marketing: So much of our consumer culture is now based in cyber space, so it makes sense for businesses to ensure that they have a credible and engaging online presence. It is important that brands create profiles for sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but these should be used in a subtle and sociable fashion, allowing consumer engagement and taking an active role in the online community by adding value to conversations. Businesses should be wary of using social media simply as a platform from which to push their product and should ensure they are offering additional information, advice and enticement to the customer beyond simply backing up their own brand.
Community Engagement: Businesses who want to be seen as a positive brand need to take the time to engage with the wider community. This can be on a local or a national level, depending on the company in question. Consider things like sports team sponsorship – this can start with a Sunday league club but helps to show a willingness to take part in local life, or ensure that employees become involved with charity and fundraising efforts – a practice that can demonstrate a benevolent attitude that will help to endear the brand to the paying public.
Brand Reinforcement and Product Placement: When you are presented with the opportunity to meet and mix with potential clients and customers, make sure that you capitalise on any possible leads by offering them something that will keep your brand in the forefront of their thoughts even after your face to face meeting is over. At trade shows and conferences, consider taking along branded gifts to offer to those who express an interest in your business – these can be anything from pens and notepads stamped with the company logo and tagline, to branded USB sticks preloaded with additional information on your products and services.