teams with NimbleCommerce is a money-saving website and it has recently teamed up with NimbleCommerce to break into the group deals market that is currently very popular with consumers. The company is hoping that it will be able to take on businesses that have set up in the UK but are based in the US and offer deals that are specific to their locations.

It is expected that the website will be working with retailers in regional locations and will offer group deals everyday. Gerard Doyle is the Chief Executive of and he has commented, “We hope that we will be able to use the company’s good market position to increase revenue and attract UK customers. We are already working in the voucher sector and this should help us gain market share.” The company already has a subscriber base of 5 million people.

About the new project Mr Doyle said, “Moving into group deals is a very sensible decision for our company. We already have a significant audience of clients who are interested in getting great deals. We are hoping that we can challenge competitors from the United States and offer better deals, on a local basis, to our loyal subscribers.”

NimbleCommerce are specialists in e-commerce and they have been building the software that is required for the website. The deals can be taken advantage of through social networks as well as the company’s website.

Mr Doyle commented about the American situation, “There are a dozen companies in the US offering these deals and the Americans have such a great choice. We are hoping that we can bring even better deals to the UK population and our relationship with NimbleCommerce should allow us to do this.”

Peter Casey is the European sales director at NimbleCommerce who has said, “This venture is not just going to benefit the people buying the deals, but many retailers as well. We are building a revenue protection system so that merchants are protected and they are guaranteed payments even if the customer doesn’t come and collect the product or take advantage of the service.”