Conference Calls Reduce Business Stress

Stress can be a very negative thing in the workplace causing people to work poorly, argue with co-workers or even quit. Indeed, minimising stress is a major part of any manager’s job, as he or she must seek to make their employees as happy and comfortable as possible in order to boost productivity. One way to do this is by cutting down on travel by using conference calls to reduce travel.

Business travel can be incredibly stressful for most people. It adds hours and hours of time away from home, and takes up valuable working time. What’s more it introduces a whole raft of factors that can be truly infuriating: getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to a meeting can be very upsetting for many people. Travel leaves people tired and unhappy with their jobs; cutting it down can drastically improve efficiency.

Conference calls can essentially eliminate your companies need to travel. All sorts of meetings which used to happen face to face, can now be conducted over the phone. The calls are clear and easy to set up, so you won’t find that your meetings are less effective. You can also use software applications to introduce a visual element to your conference calls by sharing data. Essentially, conference calls are just as good as meetings: this means your staff no longer needs to travel constantly.

By cutting down on travel and increasing your use of conference calls, you can keep your staff happy and stress-free. This will help you boost efficiency, reduce turnover and ultimately run your team better. For the modern manager, conference calls are a no brainer.