CJ Group Launches New safeguarding course for managers – Creating a Safe Team

Following the serious case review in Plymouth in September 2010 and subsequent recommendations for safeguarding policy and practice, the CJ Group is launching a new management level course that focuses on leading a safe team and creating a culture of trust, confidence and openness amongst staff.

The course, which is designed and delivered by experienced and qualified safeguarding and care tutors, is aimed at experienced child and social care leaders and managers. It has a very specific focus on positive team leadership and development and aims to assist in creating an environment where safeguarding is paramount and feedback is possible.

Doral Hayes, Operations Director for the CJ Group, said, “One of the key findings of the serious review in Plymouth was that a culture existed where staff didn’t feel able to challenge inappropriate behaviour and had nowhere to go with their concerns.  We know we need safe environments for vulnerable people in our society, but we also understand that the people caring for them need to be able to raise their concerns and not feel threatened by doing so. By working with managers and team leaders and offering them the right support and guidance, we hope to influence behaviour from the top, down”.

She added, “In addition to basic safeguarding training, which is essential for all care environments, managers in both adult and child care settings, need to create a culture of openness, trust and give people the confidence to speak out.  This course aims to help them further develop the skills needed to create safe and caring teams that will benefit both staff and the vulnerable children and adults in their care and in effect help build a safer society”.

The CJ Group has specialist divisions in both childcare (Acorn Childcare Training) and social care (Chris Turner Training Services) and provides short course training across the UK.

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