CBI Scotland investigate Scottish government spending priorities

Another foray has recently been made by CBI Scotland into the spending priorities of the Scottish government – the Scottish Nationalist Party. This is part of a stand-off that has been becoming increasingly tense between the business lobby and the government, over the budget and other wider issues.

A new tax rises being planned by the government to be levied on businesses, which is going to see them pay steep penalties for having empty properties, and big retailers are also going to be particularly heavily taxed. This move is seen as something of a desperate attempt by the Scottish government to bring in more tax money, and it is something that is being met with heavy criticism by the business lobby, who are obviously not going to appreciate the larger taxes being levied against businesses.

It seems as if over the next few years the decisions about what to tax are going to become tougher for the Scottish government, and this is something that is going to affect them whether they get independence or not. It seems as if this step to increase the amount of tax being put on big retailers are something that is only going to increase in the future, as the Scottish government is going to need to draw more funds, and with the current ways of spending, taxing businesses going to be the only way to do this.

Because of this, the business lobby have stated that the Scottish government must find a different way to do things, and have to think differently about how they are going to organise their political system in the future. On the other side of the equation, the major unions in Scotland have been very approving of the government’s stance. It seems as if everything is going to be put to the test over the next few years.