Car insurance for the Over 50s

The Saga insurance company is one that is specifically directed towards the over-fifty but young at heart in the British population.  That claim is in reference to the company’s success in reaching a huge number of older citizens who did not grow up on the Internet but are encouraged to take advantage of its capabilities by ease of access and comprehension.  Saga has become the number one provider of car insurance to its targeted age group, with a commendably high level of customer satisfaction.

The Saga Group was initially set up in 1988 to address various concerns of the segment of U.K. population belonging to the older generation, namely those over fifty.  Since then it has grown and refined its policies and capabilities to the point that Saga car insurance is almost the definitive insurance for drivers fifty and over.  The company publishes a highly rated membership magazine in addition to its Internet site.

Saga car insurance offers a wide range of valuable services with one of the crucial advantages being the company’s statistically-based assumption that older drivers make less claims on their insurance, therefore the rates can be lower and still generate sufficient profit for the company.

Saga also offers a discount for online users as a further encouragement to ‘get with the program’.  The continuing increase in numbers of over-fifty drivers is directly connected to the percentage of the working population in Britain (more than 30%) in that age sector, which in turn is related to the overall lengthening of lifespan in the general public.

Amongst the many benefits that Saga offers to its customers, some of the most valuable include the online discount of up to 20% and a monthly rate for comprehensive insurance of £12.50 or less.  They also offer an additional ‘No Claims Discount’ which is not affected in the case of damage caused by vandals, and an ‘emergency driver’ clause which covers anyone driving your car in a medical emergency as long as they are licensed and you are in the car.

In 2007 Saga merged with the AA, thereby increasing the extent of benefits especially designed for over-fifty drivers, including discounted breakdown insurance when it is added to an existing policy.  Other special offers include the option of spreading payments on a new insurance policy over a period of months using direct debit, with no additional charges.

The policyholder is covered while driving anywhere in the European Union, for an unlimited period and no extra cost.  When a claim is made and an approved Saga representative performs validated repairs, a replacement vehicle will be provided free for up to 14 days.

It is worth noting that because of its specifically targeted market of drivers who have reached the theoretical (and statistically verified) age of maturity at 50 years, Saga’s rates for younger drivers may not be so competitive, and for that the company does not apologize.  Saga insurance is dedicated to providing the best and most affordable coverage for a group of drivers who have until recently been neglected by the car insurance industry.