Can Peterborough be the green capital of the UK

There is a continuing effort to make Peterborough the green capital of the UK. MP Stewart Jackson intends to take this to a great new level by championing the city’s attempt to be the home to the UK’s first green investment bank. The purpose of this new type of bank is to provide funds to companies who are able to produce sustainable growth in the UK.

There are many other bids from other cities in the UK, each with an MP representing them. There has recently been a debate in Westminster about which city has the best credentials to host the bank. Mr Jackson highlighted the great efforts made by the people of Peterborough towards caring for the environment.

Mr Jackson commented, “In Peterborough we are in a great position because the city already has such a great record on caring for the environment. I am doing my absolute best to make sure that this bank comes to our city. Not only is this going to bring several jobs to the region but it is going to boost the city’s image as the green capital of the UK.”

The MP continued, saying that, “The city is sometimes regarded as too small and it may be that the government will be looking at placing the bank in bigger cities like Bristol. I am saying that Peterborough has made great progress and I think that we have the same chances as any of the larger cities.”

Samantha Dalton is the cabinet minister for environmental capital and has said, “The green investment bank is a very important scheme that will bring a great many benefits to local businesses.” A recent report has found that Peterborough is the best city in the UK when it comes to biodiversity and air quality.