CA Technologies data protection offer

CA ARCserve offer full support for Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 and Linux, addressing the ever growing demand for simple, straightforward, and above all comprehensive data protection in both the virtual and physical environments.
For a clear picture of what is on offer and why your business needs it, take a look at this short but highly informative video.

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High demand has prompted CA Technologies to announce a welcome extension to their popular competitive upgrade offer, which brings the ultimate data backup and recovery software together with true affordability. The offer gives clients a simple yet affordable data protection solution with predictable cost-of-ownership.

From now until March 31, 2014 businesses which are eligible can switch from a competitorā€™s backup or disaster recovery software to the incredibly efficient CA ARCserveĀ® Clients can obtain an unlimited-use Managed Capacity license covering not one, but three years, at a price set today. The huge advantage is that no matter how your organic data storage grows, the cost has already been set.

That means a business will now and will be able to budget for all data protection services for the next 36 months. At the end of that period, clients can renew for the amount of data being protected at that time. But that is not all; CA Technologies is now offering a 25 percent discount to its partners off the current standard CA ARCserve MSRP. This offer is available not only for new customers but also for existing clients who take the wise step of upgrading to CA ARCserve Managed Capacity licensing.

This licensing agreement gives clients far more flexibly when it comes to mix and match functionality as well as being able to more cost-effectively address their very unique data protection requirements. This licence is very simple offering a pre-arranged price per terabyte of protected data.