Birmingham coffee machine exporter wins major award

A famous company from Birmingham that is known for selling coffee machines to Italians has just won a major prize. Fracino, an Aston firm, which is celebrating its anniversary of 50 years, has taken UK’s Outstanding Export Reward and the Winner of Winners Award from EEF a UK manufacturers association. This firm, which has the British Flag engraved on every machine before it leaves the factory, gained a place in the line-up after capturing the Midlands Outstanding Export certificate from EEF.

In the course of over four years, this family owned business for three generations with around 40 employers has seen some growth on the amount of exports. It sells its products to more than 50 different countries around the world including Finland, Peru, Romania, and Spain. It has been spoken about by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who back in the year 2011 announced “Britain isn’t excelling just because of the film industry, the Birmingham company Fracino is now selling Italy coffee machines.”

Fracino has been in business since around 1963. It began as an importer of Italian made espresso machines, but as for the last 20 years, it has been manufacturing its very own designs. It has grown very strong through the tough recession after it started exporting around 2008.

Adrian Maxwell, son of the founder of the company and Fracino’s managing director stated, “After our first sale of our very own machines back in 1991, we build a big base by selling very tough into the UK.”

They realised that if the UK was to stop buying, this would cause a major issue as the business would lose sales and be shut down, this was the reason for starting to export, although the UK stayed our main source for sales.