Big wireless carriers push mobile payment services

The wireless carriers of Britain are uniting for a joint venture to help speed up the launching of mobile payment services that will allow shoppers to use their phone instead of cards or cash for payments, following something similar that took place in Spain.

Orange-T-Mobile venture Everything Everywhere said that their aim was to create a system of mobile commerce bringing together advertisers, banks and retailers. There is momentum growing to allow shoppers to purchase items by just tapping their phones on a reader at the till. These services are being supported by the likes of McDonald’s and Macy’s and are being driving by Google Android phone’s new technology.

In some US cities there will be m-commerce starting this summer it was unveiled last month by Google, Sprint, Mastercard, First Data and Citigroup. In South Korea and Japan mobile payments are widely used. The mobile phone has become the one item that no one can do without. In the near future you will be leaving your wallet at home.

The UK operators aim to provide for retailers and advertisers a single point of contact to deliver virtual loyalty cards, advertising and discount coupons. CCS Insight the wireless research and analysis UK based company said that backing from retailers and financial institutions is vitally important.

The world’s biggest maker of NFC chips, NXP Semiconductors that enable the touchless payments expects to have 20 NFC enables phone models on the market before the end of 2011 and driven by the fast growing Android.