Belfast benefits from £7 million business investment

Belfast is the recipient of an American firm’s investment in the UK. The US tech company, KANA, will generate more than 100 positions as it pumps in £7 million into a new company centre.

This is an additional boost to the already cheerful news that SQS, a German tech firm, will produce 40 new positions in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast – the two of which will alleviate the depressing news about the 8% increase of unemployment in Northern Ireland.

In November last year, Lagan Technologies, an Irish company, was bought out by KANA, taking with it the client base. Among Lagan’s former clients are Nokia, eBay, and Adidas.

The next three years will see a 100% increase in the jobs at KANA’s Belfast location. 90 are employed at the Lagan location on Airport Road.

KANA considered other countries for its operations, including Eastern Europe, China, the Philippines, and India. However, they just couldn’t pass up Belfast, in a natively English speaking country.

UK CEO, Mark Duffell, revealed that nearly 50% of the Fortune 100 firms are among their clients. He also said that their presence in Europe will be greater due to their new location in Belfast.

£981,000 were invested into the transition, by Invest NI. Duffell said, “Invest NI has made us feel supported and invited into the Lagan operations. We are obtaining some great people with that company and the location is super. We will easily be able to access European markets, while continuing to have relatively easy access still to American markets.”

Declan Kelly, the US Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, said that the announcement is a slice of great news and that Northern Ireland is a great target for American firms to set up operations on the global market.