Be ahead of the Jones' with bottom up blinds

Window dressings have, thankfully, changed drastically over the years and the only ones to mourn the demise of net curtains were the nosy neighbours who could no longer spy in secret. Blinds are by far the biggest revolution to take place when it comes to what we have up at our windows, and they can be vertical, horizontal, venetian, roller and almost any other style you can imagine.

One of the most recent inceptions which is growing rapidly in popularity is the bottom up blind. These do exactly as their name would imply; they are hung at the bottom of the window instead of the top and go up instead of down. While  this concept may seem alien  to traditionalists, once you see a bottom up blind, are made aware of the benefits of fitting them at your windows, they don’t seem to strange after all.

To start with, bottom up blinds are effectively roller blinds in reverse, so they are easy to fix and to use. Those who have roller blinds can often be heard to bemoan the fact that they have to have them pulled right down when in a room that is either overlooked or can be peered into at street level. This darkens the room and is especially frustrating in the summer when you want as much natural light to flood in as possible.

The bottom up blind eliminates this problem instantly, as you only need to roll it up a short way to gain your privacy, while at the same time leaving a space big enough to enjoy the light coming in. These blinds really are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to be looked at while sitting relaxing or watching television, and are ideal for those who live in the city or in new apartment buildings where it is easy to see into neighbours windows.

They are available in both a standard fabric or a thicker one that effectively acts as a black out blind. The latter are brilliant for bathrooms as they also eliminate all shadows, giving you maximum privacy without being in the dark during the day.  Available in a range of stylish colours that will contrast or compliment any décor, bottom up blinds are the last word in trendy window dressings.

As they increase in popularity, they are becoming easier to come across, and there are numerous websites online that now offer a full range of bottom up blinds. A simple search will bring up many results then it’s just a case of choosing the colour, fabric and size that you want and within a few clicks of the mouse you will have your perfect blinds ordered, paid for and on their way.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their homes and uneasy at the fact that they can easily be seen from the outside. If this is you then you should be logging in and finding the solution to all your problems by treating yourself to some elegant and reasonably priced bottom up blinds.