Bangladesh Expo will be the first in the UK

Canary Wharf will soon be home to the first Destination Bangladesh Trade Show scheduled to span over the weekend of September 16th and 17th.

Mahua Events is behind the event and has even won the approval of Rushanara Ali the first Bangladeshi MP.  The production company is best known for its representation of Bethanal Green and Bow.

The Expo is predicted to receive at least five thousand visitors and was created in an effort to place a spotlight on the future of Bangladeshi trade, tourism, and exports within the UK.  THe Destination Bangladesh Expo is also expected to help bridge economic relations between the UK and Bangladesh painting it as a great place for future holiday tourism.

To help meet this goal, the event will feature services and products by about fifty exhibitors and will include tables that show everything from property and real estate to telecoms to textiles to tourism to education to handicrafts to food manufacturing and more.

Organizers have also composed a conference programme and seminar that will be part of the exhibition and will feature speeches from a few of the Bangladesh top level ministers who will speak from the East Wintergarden stage.

Mahua Events, which has a wealth of experience in the execution of such exhibitions, is also planning to entertain attendees with traditional Bangladesh cuisine, a glamorous fashion show and a mix of traditional and contemporary dance and music performances.