Balancing Competition with Teamwork in the Workplace

There probably are at least a million and one various ideas on what it takes to form a corporate team because today’s society isn’t as social as it once was.  People just don’t seem to find the time to gather about the table as they once did and finding time to go out with the lads is almost unheard of.  Because of this, companies around the world are searching for the best way to approach team building for the 21st Century.

The Importance of Knowing Your Teammates

It is unimaginable just how many people work together side-by-side, day after day, without knowing the first thing about their fellow workers.  Many people are reserved and aren’t apt to share their personal life easily with others.  There is really nothing wrong with that and if people don’t want to open up about their personal lives it is at least good to know a little bit of something about them as a person.  This is especially important when focusing on building a team that will work well together without undue friction amongst members.  Knowing the person you are working with helps to provide a more congenial atmosphere in the corporate workplace.  Psychologists agree on this, but the approach is what matters.

Company Luncheons and Staff Parties

There was a time when the family sat down together to eat meals and friends were invited at least weekly for cocktails or a glass of wine.  Unfortunately, today’s world is geared towards working and then going home to kick back and relax in front of the telly or the PC.  Families no longer eat at the same time, go to the movies together or even go for walks in the park as a unit.  This spills over into the workplace which is why many human resources development teams believe ‘breaking the bread’ together with fellow workers adds a bit of companionship that has long been forgotten.  It is possible to have a company luncheon right on the premises with everyone bringing a dish prepared at home or to book a hall to have a great time of it.  Nothing soothes the nerves like a good meal and this does tend to set the stage for some good old fashioned chatting.

Team building should be a time of gathering everyone together to form a single unit.  Each will have his or her own gifts to bring to the team, but just as the body is meant to function as a unit, so too should a team.  Enjoy a gathering in a more social and relaxed environment and see just how quickly the team bonds.