BAA strike looming

The Unite Union will announce soon if BAA staff will strike this week.  If the strike proceeds as planned, 300,000 passengers that pass through the six BAA airports in the UK will be affected.  British Airways flies out of Glasgow, Heathrow, Aberdeen, Stansted, Southampton, and Edinburgh.

BAA has confirmed that if the strikes do occur than each of these airports will be closed because without security staff, fire-fighters, or engineers the airports are not able to operate.  This means that approximately 2,500 flights per day of the strike will be affected.

British Airways is attempting to head off the strikes by offering members a one percent increase in pay and another .5% in sickness agreements.  However, the Unite Union claims that this is not enough given that there has been a pay freeze in place since 2009.

In addition, there is argument over a bonus of £450 that BAA did not pay out to 3% during 2009.

According to the union, BAA staff members should be given a financial pat on the back given the performance targets were narrowly missed over last year.  A summer bonus is also being sought after which BAA stated will not happen which is valued at £700.

The strike is scheduled to happen on August 19th if the 6,185 staff members vote to proceed in a ballot that went out today.  There is a rumour however that the strike may be moved to take place over the August Bank Holiday on August 28th for a bigger impact.