ARP Enforcement Services wants ethical bailiffs

The bailiff profession is regarded as being very unpopular, but Tony Pycroft, a businessman from Gateforth has said that he wants to operate in an ethical way. He is the managing director of ARP Enforcement Services and has recently bought the UK bailiff’s, MA Julius & Co.

He recently commented, “I would still regard myself as a self-employed bailiff and this is certainly the biggest business decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been working in the industry for nine years and I’ve seen business steadily growing. I am well aware that my profession is not one that is particularly popular, but it is a service that is required. The financial crisis has meant that there are more people with finances out of control and the services of my company are finding themselves in increasing demand.”

The company Julius was founded in the late 1970s and became renowned in the 1990s as it was one of the few debt recovery companies dealing with people who were in arrears because of poll tax. It was operating at a time when there was a great amount of social unrest in the country.

The company was initially founded by Margaret Ann Julius, who later went on to become the first woman president of the Enforcement Services Association, which was at the time called the UK’s Bailiff Association.

In the last few years Mr Pycroft has been working in the East of England and the Midlands as his company’s headquarters are located in Nottingham. After the acquisition, the company will be moving its headquarters to another location in Nottingham called the Shipstones Business Park which is very close to their current location. About the acquisition Mr Pycroft has commented, “We are very much looking forward to developing the services offered by our new acquisition.”