Adobe metrics not myths campaign gives marketing a slap

Love it or loathe it, you cannot escape digital marketing. It is everywhere you look but what is currently going on behind the scenes does not paint such a pretty picture. There has been such an influx of corporate garbage in recent years that marketing is going down a route that neither benefits the companies involved or the prospective clients. A new campaign aims to address this, however, and it called Metrics not Myths.

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The company behind it is Adobe, who apart from producing flash players for computers are also’s parent company. COM is a company with a strong online presence due to their deliverance of latest news in the world of digital marketing, as well as the latest trends.  The main aim of the campaign is to cut the BS that is peppered across the world of digital marketing, get back to basics and use the technology at our fingertips to make a difference.

The biggest platform at present for digital marketing is social media, never before has there been such an enormous captive audience, yet do the aforementioned BS and misconceptions, this still isn’t being used to its full potential. This is highlighted in one of the series of videos released to accompany the campaign, entitled slap it shows how an advertising executive gets the message across to one of his minions.

The executive, Richard, is told his digital media consultant is here and in walks the guy, full of toothy grins and friendly greetings. Richard then asks him to repeat something stupid he said to him previously, to which the guy replies ‘measuring ROI on social media is a myth’, Richard agrees that’s it and slaps him. He then continues to try and improve on this by adding mights and thinks, all resulting in more slaps.

The slaps only stop when he tells Richard that you can definitely measure ROI on social media, hence another BS myth is dispelled, and the metrics confirmed.