A Business View of the 2012 Olympics

By Nick Voyvodich
Millions of transfixed viewers worldwide eagerly watched the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted by the UK.   From the opening ceremony to the closing remarks, it was clear London provided a seamless and breathtaking sporting experience for the world.  As we look back on the summer games what will the UK take away from the games?  How will business, government and the country leverage what just occurred?  Time and reflection provide the most likely positive business outcomes of the summer games for the UK as they move into the future.

The sheer amount of preparation and logistics to piece together the millions of individual tasks needed to be completed perfectly demonstrated the incredible collaboration developed between the government, business and the city of London.  Detailed communication strategies were honed shortly after London was awarded the summer games.

Clarity of messaging and inclusion of all parties marching lock step toward a shared vision of delivering the best customer experience drove the energy and passion of everyone involved.  Underpinning this vision the sheer pride of country provided the catalyst to achieve time schedules and project plans that were deemed nearly impossible before the games.

There was a sense of urgency and fundamental belief London had one chance to show the world the soul and pageantry and history of the UK.  Teamwork and relationships provided the fuel to make decisions that impacted nearly everyone in London.

Employees working in London were made to work from home to allow for space and security during the games. This one seemingly minor change opened up the thinking of business leaders and employees.  Could working from home be a viable option to commuting to the city each day? Will productivity improve or lessen if they continue to work from home?  What cost savings could be realized and what impact on morale will this have?  Working differently has become a renewed calling business leaders will continue to embrace.

The use of technology and diversity of the workforce were in full bloom during the games.  State of the art digital infrastructure provided the communication pathways to deliver information that was the lifeblood of the games.  This infrastructure will continue to provide business and government the channels of communication that will assist the expansion of business and the economy.

It also provided the ability to market London and the games on a global scale.  Developing consistent messaging, logos, mascots and advertising collateral propelled ticket sales to sell out for all sporting events and every hotel room across London.

The diversity of the athletics and members of the opening and closing ceremony made it clear the UK welcomes and embraces the rich tapestry of thought, creativity and excitement that relating to people from around the world provides.

London and the UK will never be the same.  Their civic pride has been renewed by the reception of the world, the number of gold metals their athletics bought home in honor, and the business community has seen firsthand, the exponential growth that occurs when a single and clear vision is understood and embraced by everyone involved.

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