23 applicants chasing every new position

A new report has warned that the fight for work in the UK has intensified to such an extent that there is now an average of 23 applicants chasing every new position on offer. This study is based on approximately 4m job hunters, and reveals that those vacancies that require no specialist skills have seen the greatest leap in the amount of applicants.

Research from Totaljobs.com, the recruitment website, has found that recruitment in the private sector was failing to keep up with the volume of workers in the public sector that are being made redundant. In the past year, the number of applicants for every job vacancy for retail, secretarial and customer service vacancies has leapt by over 50%.

On average, there ate now 42 applicants for every retail job, 45 applicants for every secretarial job and 46 applicants for every customer service job. John Salt is the director of Totaljobs.com and he has said that the outlook for 2012 is pretty grim, and it seems as if we are heading towards a recession that has no real end in sight.

Although the report found that there are 23 applications overall for every job, the situation is far worse is some parts of the country than others. Whilst the average amount of applicants for each job in East Anglia is 10, it is 33 in the South East.

Mr Salt added that there has been a freeze in the job market since March, and companies are reluctant to add to their staff, customer confidence has taken a real battering and the eurocrisis is making another recession inevitable. Dr John Philpot is the chief economic advisor for the CPID, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and he has warned that the worsening job market will test the UK workforce’s resolve.