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You’ve seen commuters on the trains thumbing through industry journals or broadsheet business pages on the daily commute, now it’s your turn to keep up with all the latest business news, in a virtual fashion on the Biznet business blog.

Biznet is for employers and employees who want to stay informed about legislation, market trends, the latest research on financial, technological, and marketing issues, and there

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Choosing a publisher for your business book

If you’ve written a business book there are many ways to publish it; looking for a traditional publisher, working with an independent or going it alone.

According to Sue Richardson of SRA Books in order to decide on the best publishing route, you first need to understand what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to sell copies at the back of the room,

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Businesses Looking to Expand in Europe Choose London as First Destination

London continues to be a word leading business destination for international companies wishing to set up or expand their business. Last year, a Deloitte study revealed 60% of non-European companies chose London as the base for their headquarters, and 40% of the globe’s biggest companies chose London for their European headquarters over anywhere else on the continent., a specialist business registration service, is helping

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Convert your PC to a greener alternative and save money

Green desktops with IGEL

Ever thought about converting, rather than throwing out, your old business computers? Most businesses are used to replacing their old PCs with new ones every 3-5 years but the latest research shows that organisations can help save the planet and money by converting them to thin clients – and the savings are substantial. Businesses can cut their desktop management costs by up to 47% and

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Creativity in the Events Industry

Recent research into creativity in the events industry (London & Partners in partnership with reveals that less than half of the professionals in the events industry are creative thinkers. In an industry which demands creativity, imagination and resourcefulness as professionals seek to explore and implement newest ideas in technology, make the most of new trends in geographical location and source inspired venues and activities,

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Why should you encourage your staff to recycle?

As the world continues to hone in on green issues, the idea of workplace recycling has taken off. It is predicted that as much as 80-90% of all waste produced in the workplace can be recycled (according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA) but a surprising amount is still sent off to landfill.

If you want to promote the eco credentials of your business

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HP touch to print app, phone in your photocopies

Tired of waiting in line for your print job to finish, only to find out that they are not even in the print-queue? Or are you simply tired of guessing whether or not your print job went through? HP has a creative solution for this problem with their brand new release of touch-to-print technology. The new technology allows users to simply print any document they

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CA Technologies data protection offer

CA ARCserve offer full support for Windows Server 2012/Windows 8 and Linux, addressing the ever growing demand for simple, straightforward, and above all comprehensive data protection in both the virtual and physical environments.
For a clear picture of what is on offer and why your business needs it, take a look at this short but highly informative video.

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High demand has prompted CA Technologies to announce

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Mum and dad taxi service

For years there have been fun badges that attach to the inside of the car windows via suction cups that proclaim ‘Dad’s Taxi’, ‘Wallet Emptiers on Board’ etc etc. The fact is that parents spend more time ferrying their kids around than they actually realise, and a recent survey by an international company aiming to raise their profile in the UK confirms exactly this.

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Leeds Uni hold their annual business boot camp at Weetwood Hall

Leeds University has had an annual business boot camp that took two days and was held at Weetwood Hall. The boot camp was run by Spark, which is the business start up service of the university and was aimed at giving the entrepreneurial students at Leeds University an opportunity to show their skills and the qualities they possess.

Sector experts were present and were trying to

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Government urged to reduce the fee for crossing the Severn Bridge

Many business groups have insisted that the fee charged for crossing the Severn Bridge should be reduced once the government owns it. These groups have also added that these fees should only encompass the cost of maintaining the bridge because of the drain on the economy on both the Welsh sides of the Severn and the English.

The fees are also said to increase on 1

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